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Medical Imaging

What is the Goal of Medical Imaging Research?

Medical imaging visualizes the inner world of the human body noninvasively. Its primary objective is to delineate the structures and map the functions of organs and tissues, based on the principles of physics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, physiology and biology.

The ultimate goal of medical imaging research is to extract the image features for physiological and pathological studies of the organs and tissues utilizing the expertise of both imaging scientists and research physicians. The basic studies, for example, could be to film the sequence of embryo development; to map the responses of the brain to visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli; to visualize the fluid dynamics in the myocardium; to screen the metabolism in the liver; to profile the secretion process of the kidney; or to quantify the targeted tumor response to administered therapy.

The clinical goal of medical imaging research is to improve the sensitivity and specificity of diagnosis by cost-effective, non-invasive, and patient-comfort means.